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Podcasting in 2021

There are over 1.8 million podcast series worldwide and over 43 million total episodes produced as of January 2021.

Enthusiasm for podcasting has grown steadily year over year. Streaming industry leader Spotify spent well over $500 million on podcasting acquisitions last year, while Amazon recently acquired podcast production studio Wondery for more than $300 million.

As hype has grown so has podcasting ad revenue, expected to top $1 billion in 2021. Companies of all sizes are finding a unique marketing opportunity in podcasting; placements are typically highly targeted, relatively affordable, and reach a crowd that’s more receptive to new innovations than those who prefer more traditional entertainment streams. 

Thus the question arises of what it takes to make a great podcast, and the pursuit of excellence in the audio format.

Music in Podcasting

With so much attention on the podcasting sphere, competition in the space is fierce. Top quality music has become a must-have for serious podcasters.

PodcastMusic offers over 750,000 tracks of professional quality production music and label catalogs – the same music used on programs and marketing campaigns from Viacom, Netflix, Fox, Showtime, HBO, Starz, Warner, and more. 

Find music and sound effects for the hottest podcast genres like news or true crime. Choose a  hard hip-hop beat or something upbeat and fun. Stingers, bumpers, and all types of sounds are a click away and a monthly subscription provides unlimited downloads for use on your podcast.

PodcastMusic has simplified one-stop licensing with the industry’s first music license designed just for podcasts. Our perfectly designed license for podcasters contains all the essential rights podcasters require. Royalty-free libraries host tons of music, but don’t offer a license tailored to distribution for podcasting. PodcastMusic guarantees all the rights podcasters need in our standard license for any of the premium quality tracks in our massive library.

To top it all off, PodcastMusic runs on the industry-standard software for music library search and discovery. Browse, audition, and download tracks using the software preferred by editors, music supervisors, and rights owners around the world.

New music is added all the time, get in touch now about signing up for PodcastMusic!

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