Podcast Music’s Top 5 Albums of 2022

Podcast Music has released tons of great production music in 2022! Here’s a deep dive into the top five most downloaded albums of the past year.

1. Series 6000 General Sound Effects Library (Sound Ideas)

Listen here!

A broad range of everyday and specialized sounds, the Series 6000 General Sound Effects Library was the undisputed most downloaded album of the year. This massive collection of over 22 thousand tracks from Sound Ideas offers professional-quality sounds for all sorts of podcasters. From jet engines to barking dogs to heavy machinery to camera shutter clicks, the  Series 6000 General Sound Effects Library has what you need for your podcast.

2. Acoustic – Minimal Storytelling (ALIBI)

Listen here!

Minimal Storytelling is a charming collection of light and delicate organic cues, featuring lightly strummed acoustic guitars, upright bass, spellbinding bells and mallets, and soothing brushed drums holding up the rhythm section. Spanning a range of moods and emotions from whimsical and welcoming to introspective and reflective, these tracks are well suited to nature documentaries, podcasts, thought pieces, and talking-head segments, as well as light/casual puzzle games.

3. Ambient Chill 1 (Strike Audio)

Listen here!

Strike Audio’s first colume of ambient electronic sound scapes was our third most downloaded album of the year on Podcast Music. The collection features dreamy synthesizers, pulsing synth bass, layers of filtered synthesizers, all coming together to form over 300 tracks of atmospheric bliss. These tracks are flxible enough for a wide variety of podcasts looking for a gentle and effective soundscape soundtrack.

4. User Interface Sound Effects (Soundrangers)

Listen here!

This highly specialized album of synthethized sound effects from Soundrangers offers a treasure trove of computer themed sound effects. These high-quality sounds are soundbytes that may otherwise be found using an app, on a website, in a video game, in a computers local OS, or anything with UI that needs soundtracking.

5. Keep It Simple 4: Neutral, Serious, and Warm (5 Alarm)

Listen here!

Podcast Music’s fifth most downloaded album of 2022 comes from 5 Alarm— a light, simple collection beds with acoustic instrumentation and a warm, neutral tone perfect for a wide variety of uses. In addition to acoustic guitar, instrumentation of these highlighly practical textures also includes piano, pads, classical strings, clarinet, glockenspiel, marimba, and harp!

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