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Choose the plan that best describes you and your podcasting activities. Scroll down to learn more about how our licensing and billing cycles work.
Typically for those who podcast for fun or as a hobby.
  • One podcast title (show)
  • No ads or sponsorships
  • Independent productions
per month

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For those who earn revenue from podcasts ads/sponsorships.
  • One podcast title (show)
  • Ads/sponsor supported
  • Independent or network affiliated
per month

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For networks and professional producers of podcasts
  • Multiple podcast titles (show)
  • Ad/sponsor supported
  • Network affiliated
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at $10/mo

Plans & Pricing FAQ’s

How does the billing/subscription cycle work?
Upon sign up you will provide with your podcast’s RSS feed URL. You pay your monthly subscription fee and download and use as much music as you’d like. Every episode you publish while subscribed is fully covered by your license. Every podcast you publish is covered while you’re subscribed.
How many episodes can I publish each month with music in them?
As many as you want. We’ll take your RSS feed and verify which songs were used for our own reporting needs but you aren’t limited in what you can and can’t use. We won’t limit how awesome you want to make your podcast sound!
Once I publish an episode will I ever owe any additional royalties?
No! Once your episode is published all rights are covered in perpetuity.
How do you know what I use?
We require you to provide us with your podcast’s RSS feed during sign up. We’ll use our proprietary music detection technology to identify the music you’re using in your episodes. We do this to make sure you never get hit with royalty fees from the PROs or other entities. These reports verify everything used which is a good thing for all.
What if I cancel my subscription?
All episodes published while you were subscribed are covered, any new episodes published while not subscribed are not covered.
What if I get contacted by ASCAP, BMI or SESAC for additional royalty collections?
Your paid subscription grants you a direct performance license on any music you use. That means the PROs don’t play a role in the performances, collections, and royalties on music that comes from our service!
Are worldwide rights included?
Yes. However, your podcast must originate and be hosted in North America. You’ve got listeners all over the world so your license covers you when they listen to your podcast too!

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