Podcast Music’s Top 5 Albums of 2021

Podcast Music has released tons of great production music in 2021! Here’s a deep dive into the top five most downloaded albums of the past year.


1. Contemporary Classical 12

Listen here!

The 12th installment of the Contemporary Classical series was our most downloaded album of the year! Contemporary Classical 12 continues a diverse and adaptable series of elegant, soundtracks focusing on light drama, emotion, hope, and positivity. Staccato strings, twinkling pianos, enchanting woodwinds, and a bold rhythm section make each of these tracks both delicate and powerful, with building and evolving song structures to complement your podcast.


2. Carefree Hip Pop

Listen here!

Carefree Hip Pop is a collection of blissful dreamy tracks, with influences ranging from hip hop and chill hop through to tropical chillout. With a distinctly hazy, summery vibe, this album features lo-fi chopped samples, uplifting plucked synths, rich deep sub-bass, and modern punchy drums. Evoking scenes of sun-soaked beaches, after parties, and high fashion, these cues are ideal for tech and fashion advertising, reality TV, branding, travel, and holiday podcasting themes.


3. Exploration Underscores

Listen here!

Exploration Underscores is an atmospheric collection of ethereal investigative cues, perfect for documentary podcasts, true crime thrillers, thought pieces, and more. Featuring lush ambient instrumentation such as dreamy clean guitars, introspective pads and drones, and otherworldly female vocals, each of these tracks conveys a sense of mystery and reflection. Tender, poignant, and curious, this album is the perfect soundtrack to your most thought-provoking podcasts.


4. Light and Informative

Listen here!

Light and Informative is a hypnotic and spellbinding collection of pensive anticipatory and delicate cues, packed full of tender emotive strings, pizzicato plucks, light organic percussion, and dizzying arpeggios. Each of these tracks has a blend of warmth, elegance, and inquisitiveness making them perfect for thought pieces, documentaries, nature and wildlife programming, or even technology and corporate projects. Also well suited to analytical and brain-teaser-esque podcasting.


5. Jazz Hop

Listen here!

Jazz Hop is packed full of smoky, vibey tracks with a cool, laid-back feel. Featuring a blend of vinyl-style beats and authentic live saxophone performances, every track is lush with bluesy goodness, providing a perfectly smooth background atmosphere for your podcast. Each of the cues features hip-hop-infused beats that shuffle and swagger beneath upright bass grooves and electric piano chords. With a distinctively east coast flavor, this album draws influence from some of the pioneers of both jazz and hip hop.

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