popular podcast music tracks 2021

What’s Hot in Podcasting Music: An Inside Look at 2021’s Most Popular Tracks

Curious which tracks podcasters have chosen as their favorites of 2021? Check out our list of some of the most downloaded tracks so far this year!


1. “We’ll Be Alright” – Pop from 94Twenty

A driving, folky pop song that features female vocals and an optimistic message that fits a wide variety of podcast uses.

The track showcases emotive female vocals propelled by a strong back beat, sections of four-on-the-floor kick, electric bass rocking back and forth between two chords, and just a splash of strategically placed mandolin. A refrain hook proclaiming the track’s title guarantees this cue will stick in the listener’s head and drive the message home.

Listen to We’ll Be Alright here.


2. “Clinking Thearly” – Light Acoustic from ALIBI

This sweet and calming track fits perfectly in a peaceful, harmonious, whimsical, or creativity themed podcast. 

The track starts out with live country/folk acoustic guitar, and brings in a descending bassline that carries the whole song in a gentle two-feel. Airy piano and xylophone bring more activity to the track, and a few bars of dotted eighth hits in the latter section ramp up the energy just a bit, lending feelings of uplifting joy.

Listen to Clinking Thearly here.


3. “I’m The Queen” – Hip-Hop from Strike Audio

A punchy hip-hop track with female vocals that tell the story of a woman with a strong work ethic and a healthy sense of self worth.

Soulful female vocals are supported by a tight hip-hop beat. Trap hi-hats and thumping kicks blend with piano, keys, a few synth hits, and sub-bass. The track clocks in at just 32 seconds; it does one thing, and it does it very well.

Listen to I’m The Queen here.


4. “Praxis” – Jazz Hop from ALIBI

Boom-bap cafe jazz that’s easy on the ears while maintaining its authenticity.

This is a great track for any podcast looking to evoke cool, bouncy jazz vibes, as it starts with just upright bass, kick, snare, and congas.  Sax and rhodes comping round out a steady instrumental that could work great as a theme or bumper.

Listen to Praxis here.


5. “Digging Deep” – Documentary/Reality from 5 Alarm

What starts out as piano chords and pads grows into an emotionally charged attention grabber.

This track is perfect for investigative podcasts looking to set a neutral, but highly dramatic tone. Sub-bass and some twinkling guitars set back in the mix further add to this emotive, high impact composition.

Listen to Digging Deep here.


6. “Smooth Operator” – Blues from Stockmusic

12 bar blues on a rock drum kit, electric bass, and flanged guitar that gets plenty of solo time.

Stockmusic lives up to their namesake with this straight ahead classic. Swung hats, and a crisp bass tone support this jam that gradually hits on many familiar classic rock sounds and techniques. Breaks, solos, hits, and refrains keep this track interesting over its six minute run time.

Listen to Smooth Operator here.


7. “For a Perfect Occasion” – Comedy/Retail from Strike Audio

Charming and light, this endearing composition is the perfect backdrop to warm the listener’s heart or put a smile on their face.

A backing track for your most adorable content – pizzicato strings, xylophone, and twinkling piano are the only instruments needed on this score. Baby animals, facetiming your grandparents, and unwinding after a productive, meaningful day are just a few pieces of subject matter that could fit nicely alongside this production music staple.

Listen to For a Perfect Occasion here.


8. “Halcyon Wind” – Drama from ALIBI

Piano and delay characterize this neutral/dramatic longform soundscape that turns a corner into catharsis in its latter section.

This cue is tinged with optimism in complement to the overt dramatic atmosphere. An investigative podcast aiming to stimulate deep interest and critical thinking from their listeners could use this track to great effect.

Listen to Halcyon Wind here.

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