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PodcastMusic.com is brought to you by the team at SourceAudio, the world’s leading music licensing platform, technology partner, and digital asset & rights management platform to over a thousand companies. Based in Los Angeles, CA, SourceAudio is a white label B2B music technology platform for publishers, labels, broadcasters, production companies, and creative agencies. Iconic brands across the media landscape leverage SourceAudio’s industry leading music search, distribution, licensing, monitoring, and management capabilities to generate revenue, enhance creative, and maximize efficiencies. SourceAudio’s network-based approach for buyer, publisher, and sub publisher connectivity in one cloud based ecosystem is revolutionizing the music-for-commercial media supply chain.

We are the same team behind other innovative, technology-powered music solutions like Alpha Libraries for Radio, the single largest production music resource for radio. Alpha Libraries has significantly enhanced the way radio groups, clusters, and stations license music for programming, promos, commercials, jingles, and other production elements. Over half of all rated stations in the U.S. use Alpha Libraries for Radio as their single production music resource.

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